Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Using the Free-Wines app at Cove Bar and Dining, South Bank

Today is my husband's birthday and we are celebrating by travelling to South Bank, Brisbane South to dine at Cove Bar and Dining. Located on the Brisbane River it has great views and today there is a lovely breeze. #covebaranddining @covebardining #brisbane #brisbaneeats #brisbanefood #brisbaneriver #brisbanesouth #SouthBank #southbrisbane @ CoveBar and Dining-SouthBank CoveBar and Dining-SouthBank We arrive and take our seats at a booth and are greeted by our waiter who offers us a selection of waters. We choose sparkling mineral water and then peruse the menus he leaves with us. We have already been on Cove Bar and Dining's website and perused the menus at leisure so we already know what we have decided upon. We are both Librans and take a while to decide so the fore-planning was necessary. For starters we chose the Peking Duck Spring Rolls with Chinese style roasted Peking duck, vermicelli noodles, shallots, hoisin sauce wrapped in a light pastry. Cove Bar and Dining, South BankCoveBarDining-SouthBankPhilip chose the Massaman Lamb Shanks with massaman curry sauce, baby onion, roasted potatoes, kaffir lime leaf, fried shallots and roasted cashew nuts. CoveBarDining-SouthBank
I chose the grilled Barramundi with potatoes, kale and sun-dried tomato. CoveBarDining-SouthBankCoveBarDining-SouthBank I also chose the Zucchini Chips side dish. They were amazing! CoveBarDining-SouthBankAfter we had spent $100 on food we used the Free Wines app to select the bottle of wine we wanted. First we had downloaded the Free Wines App Untitled
 Next we selected the location.
  Untitled Then we clicked on Cove Bar & Dining Untitled Then we click on wine selection

  There is a choice of Red or White. The choice was either a Clairault Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot or Hahndorf Sauvignon Blanc. We decided to go with the white and clicked the 'Order' button on the Free Wines app. We then showed the waiter the app and that we had selected the Hahndorf Sauvignon Blanc wine using the Freewines app and he came back with the bottle in an ice bucket.
The Hahndorf Sauvignon Blanc wine was very refreshing. From their website:
 Sauvignon Blanc is the signature variety of the Adelaide Hills and Hahndorf's is made in the classic Hills style. Super crisp and racy with a refreshing splash of passion-fruit, guava, and distinct lime-peel. Perfect for that chicken BBQ or crispy pork medallions.
Philip made it through most of his lamb shank, which was a huge effort as it was a very large portion. Unfortunately I could only eat half of my fish and was told that I couldn't take it away with me as Cove Bar and Dining doesn't have a license to do that. I was disappointed as I hate seeing food go to waste. The same was said about the bottle of wine that we had only half-finished. Even more disappointed. We ended up drinking most of the wine and paid for the meal. Feeling rather sleepy after all the good food and wine, we walked across from the Cove Bar and Dining to the park with views of the Brisbane River and the Goodwill Bridge. I spotted some deck chairs available and moved one over next to the other free one and my husband and I had a nap in comfort. It was a lovely day, if a little warm at 34 o C.  After a while some council workers woke us up and took the deck chairs away and we made our way back to the South Bank train station, headed for home in Cleveland.
An enjoyable day with a free bottle of wine courtesy of Free Wines and their easy to use App that allows you to order a bottle of wine for free once you spend $100 in a participating restaurant. We will be using the service again, next time in a restaurant with a license that allows you to take home the bottle. Or be in a larger party than two so that the bottle can be shared. Cove Bar and Dining
River Quay, Sidon Street, South Bank 4101 PH: (07) 3844 3993 | E: Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 11:30 – 22:00 Sat: 08:00 – 23:00 Sun: 08:00 – 18:00
We dined courtesy of Free Wines

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Relish Redlands Food Festival

Sunday, 27 September 2015

The Funky Mexican Cantina Celebrates Mexican Independence Day

We were down at Raby Bay Marina (next to Cleveland Station) for the Twilight Makers Market which is held once a month. We were hungry and decided to have something substantial to eat and I felt like Mexican so headed for The Funky Mexican Cantina. Little did we know that it was Mexican Independence Day! A fantastic vibe with music from a Mexican band floating through the cantina.
  Mexican Independence Day at Funky Mexican Cantina, Raby Bay QLD 4163Funky Mexican Cantina Funky Mexican Cantina Once we were seated we ordered a Mojito Cocktail and a Corona beer with lime wedge. We are served a complimentary salsa with corn chips which we dig into hungrily.   Funky Mexican Cantina celebrates Mexican Independence Day We are seated outside, lucky to find a table as the others were already booked out. I took some panorama photos to show the interiors. I love the interior decor. Wonderful vibrant colours reminiscent of Mexico. UntitledUntitled Our waiters are dressed up in sombrero's and ponchos giving a great vibe to the night. Untitled Our Family Platter arrives and it is a feast! It includes Chicken, Calamari, Fish, Untitled I ask the staff to pose for some photos. Unfortunately the lighting was bad so the quality isn't the best. I just love her costume! Mexican Independence Day at Funky Mexican Cantina, Raby Bay We make our way back to the Twilight Makers Market and visit our favourite stalls 'Lik-Lik Creations' which sells jewellery and handcrafted items, and 'Woodrock Turning' that feature hand made wooden items featuring mushrooms of all shapes, sizes and colours. Below is a video I created showing some of the smoke rising from the chimney of the mushroom house. So cute! Woodrock Turning - Mushroom house with smoke from incense cone View previous food blog entries from Restaurants and Cafes located a the Raby Bay Marina click here  and previous Twilight Makers Market click here The next Twilight Makers Market at Raby Bay Marina is October 24th.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Cellulite spa treatment

I have purchased a Cellulite treatment which includes:
  1. Dry body brush
  2. Ionthermie Tonic Silhouette
  3. Ionthermie Formula A+B Ampoules
  4. Ionthermie Metasystems Slimming and Firming Cream

Natural Bristles Dry Body Brush 
Dry Body Brushing is a traditional natural health practice, which involves brushing over the skin dry and following with a shower or bath. Dry brushing exfoliates dead skin cells, improves lymph flow to removes wastes, and stimulates capillary circulation for healthier, smoother, more glowing skin. It also prepares the skin to accept the penetration of the active skin-care products.
Our Natural Bristle Body Brush is made of high quality Cactus bristles, with an extra long reach for your back. The brush head can be detached and the canvas hand strap fits neatly over your hand to brush the body. Simply brush upwards from the soles of your feet all over your body, avoiding sensitive areas. See our Dry Body Brushing Guide for full instructions.
Dry Body Brushing Melbourne

Ionithermie Tonic Silhouette 
This active vitamin enriched tonic is used to cleanse & prepare the body in order to receive the full benefits of the ampoules. It stimulates the circulation, while
calming and soothing the skin. Apply to a dampened cloth, mitt or flannel and wipe the skin in circular movements.

Formula A+B Ampoules  
The world-famous Ionithermie A+B Ampoules activate the body’s own cellulite-reducing process. This fabulous serum promotes the release of toxins from within the system, whilst increasing circulation and the body's ability to slim. It contain guarana extract and algae extract to promote thermogenis, and ivy extract for anti-inflammatory and capillary-reinforcing actions. Wrap a tissue around the ampoule top and carefully snap the top off, pour the contents into one hand and apply using upwards strokes to the preferred areas. Alternatively, shake and blend into the Metasysteme cream as you apply.

Metasysteme Slimming and Firming Cream  
This dual action cream aids in the firming and toning of the skin as well as slimming. Active ingredients include seaweed, red algae and pine oil. It works through stimulation of circulation, detoxification and elimination of body fluid, and the strengthening of connective tissue. The cream can help firm the body and improve the appearance of cellulite, scarring and stretchmarks. Apply a generous amount to areas using vigorous upwards movements. Massage in large, upwards, circular movements until the cream is completely absorbed. When the course of Formula A+B ampoules is finished continue to use Metasysteme daily.

How to Dry Body Brush - At Home

Not food related but still very interesting. 

Body brushing has been used for years because the health benefits are so extensive. It can improve venous blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, release toxins, exfoliate dead skin, reduce ingrown hairs and many other health benefits. Many people use dry brushing successfully to assist with the relief of arthritis, improve poor circulation and remove bumpy skin from backs of leg and buttocks.
The Dry Body Brushing System has been developed to aid the body's lymphatic drainage and for that reason all brush strokes are toward the major lymph nodes in the body.

Before Dry Body Brushing please take note of the following precautions:
  1. Never Skin Brush over active inflammation or during an active cancer state or over enlarged lymph nodes.
  2. Do not brush on sunburnt skin.
  3. Avoid breasts & genitalia area.
  4. If pregnant seek doctors advise first before skin brushing.
  5. Wash brush before use.
  6. If an allergic reaction appears stop brushing.
  7. Dry brushing does exfoliate skin, therefore regular washing of brush is essential to remove dead skin from the bristles.
  8. A slight reddening of the skin (erythema) is normal, it is the blood circulation responding to the skin brushing.
General Rules of Dry Skin Brushing
  1. Always use a natural bristle skin brush, for optimum results use a plant bristle.
  2. Perform on Dry Skin only.
  3. Generally stroke upward in one movement.
  4. Light strokes repeated 7 times.
  5. Adjust pressure to your comfort levels.
  6. Best to follow brushing with some form of hydrotherapy i.e. shower or bath
  7. Don't brush more than you need to. Over doing it does not mean better results.
  8. Work from left to right side of body.
Arrows indicate brush stroke direction, toward the lymphatic nodes. 

Dry Body Brushing Melbourne

Steps of Dry Body Brushing

When brushing feet it is recommended to use a firmer bristle, start on left side.
  1. Start at soles of feet, stroking brush from toes to heel follow each brush stroke with a soothing sweep of the other hand.
  2. Continue on top of foot from toes to ankles and ending at Achilles tendon behind ankle. Cover both sides of foot.
Continue upward brush strokes up the leg, moving from ankle to calf and shin, up to hamstrings and quadriceps, ensuring to cover entire leg, up toward the lymph groin area (see diagram, arrows are pointing in the direction of brush stroke)

Buttock and Back
  1. Move to buttocks, starting at top of buttock, brush down to the gluteal fold (where buttock joins the leg) and sweep back again to top.
  2. Then from base of buttock sweep upward to outside of hip.
  3. Once reaching the lower back, start your brush stroke from spine and sweep brush stroke up and out to side of torso, all the way up to the shoulder blades and finishing from spine to over the shoulder.
  4. Repeat on right side

Lower abdominal: Starting left side, hold brush at navel and brush stroke downward and toward the lymph groin area, and then from navel outward to hip joint and side of torso. Repeat on right side.
Upper abdominal: Starting on left side, hold brush at navel and brush stroke upward and outward from mid to outer torso, under the breast line. Repeat this on right side.
Complete abdominal area with the concentric circular brush stroke. Starting at navel move in small circular clockwise strokes, not leaving the skin, gradually increase the circular strokes until reaching the outer abdomen. Then work in anti-clockwise brush strokes from large to small until back at the navel.

Hand and Arm

Brush from wrists to fingertips. Turn hand over and brush from fingertips (and in between fingers) to wrist and continue up the arm to the shoulder, working from inner to mid and to outer arm. Finish brush strokes over the armpit, with light strokes in small circular, clockwise direction.

Décolletage, Neck and Face

When brushing décolletage, neck and face it is recommended to use a softer brush for this area, due to the sensitivity of most skin around this region. Avoid brushing over breasts. 

What to Expect

In completion to the dry body brush a slight reddening of the skin (erythema) is normal, it is the blood circulation responding to the skin brushing.

Brush Care

As so much dead skin cells sloughs off while dry brushing and works its way into the brush bristles, it's important to clean your dry skin brush regularly. Wash in hot soapy water with a Tea Tree Oil Soap and leave in the sun to dry or well ventilated area, with bristles facing down. With regards to the Natural Face brush, it is best to hang this brush to dry. Resting this brush face down on the delicate goat's hair bristles will bend them out of shape.

Dr Bruce Berkowsky: The Journal of Nature-cure: west/east fusion, Vital Chi Skin-brushing System. Vol.4 No.1.
Gunther Wittlinger: Textbook of Dr.Vodder's Manual Lymph Drainage. 7th Edition 2004.
Diagram: Tappan F 1988, "Healing Massage Techniques: Holistic, Classic and Emerging Methods" 2nd Edition Publisher: Appleton & Lange: Norwalk Pg 295-296